Commercial Cleaning & Damage Restoration Services

Businesses are often prone to damage, including fire and weather damage due to their structure and visitors’ traffic. In the event of a fire breakout or water damage, you need to have a professional commercial damage and restoration company on board to help mitigate and restore the damage. They have all the necessary personnel and tools at their disposal for quick and reliable results. From assessing the damage to its mitigation and restoration, professional companies are capable of doing it all. Commercial spaces are different from residential ones, in their structure, compliance, and rules of operating around. A dedicated commercial damage and cleaning company understands all the differences and tries to work accordingly.

Common Reasons & How to Mitigate Commercial Damage?

Commercial structures need constant look after and maintenance to ensure nothing happens. In case it does, the following are the common reasons behind damages:

Water leakage and damages
Compromise of structural integrity
An outbreak of mold and mildew
Sewage and other water line cleanup
Compromise in anti-fire protocols

Why You Should Hire 777 Kleanerz?

Since our inception, we have managed to stay ahead of the competition. Here is why you should hire us in case of fire, water, or any other commercial and residential damage to your property:

Years of experience and expertise

Highly trained and skilled staff for commercial damage

Modern tools & equipment

Knowledge of city rules and compliance

Communicating with clients throughout the process

Our Process of Commercial Damage & Cleaning Services

From extensive experience, we have developed a complete process of commercial damage and restoration process that allows us to do it in record time and within budget:


Assessment of damage


Acting according to the nature of the damage


Salvaging precious and sensitive items from the wreckage


Kicking off restoration as soon as possible


Communicating with clients throughout the process

Frequently Asked Questions!

We are a leading brand in the area when it comes to affordable commercial cleaning services. Feel free to get in touch with us for a quick word.

We assess the damage and ensure that the structure is restored back to its normal state as soon as possible.

Cleaning costs for commercial spaces vary from state to state and the extent of work. On average it takes around $200 to $400 per hour for a 1,000 sq. feet commercial space.