Get the Instant Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Service

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage refers to the destruction caused by a fire. Restoration involves assessing the damage, cleaning up the property, repairing any damage, and reconstructing the property if necessary. It’s important to hire professionals to ensure the restoration is done safely and correctly.

In a sad turn of events when your place had to endure fire damage, there is always an immediate need for professional fire restoration services. Our primary goal is to minimize the damage from fire and smoke and restore your place back to its former glory. Even when the fire is contained in a certain area, the smoke and soot can cause havoc for humans and property. Through highly trained professionals and necessary equipment, 777 Kleanerz ensures to mitigate the damage caused by fire, smoke, and soot. Instead of enduring toxic materials and inhaling poisonous gases, we rise up to the situation and stop things from changing for the worse, saving precious properties, both tangible and intangible, for you.

What should You Do After a Fire?

If you happen to experience fire and smoke damage at your place, instead of panicking, this is what you should do:

Keep away from fire and electrical points of contact
Remove and replace HVAC filters
Limit mobility inside the house to prevent diaspora of soot and other particles
Clean house plants from both sides and use oil or petroleum jelly against metals, such as chrome
Protect air registers with a double layering of cheesecloth

Why People Trust 777 Kleanerz After a Fire?

Because we are proud of what we do and our stellar record in customer service when it comes to fire damage restoration service in Arlington VA, Alexandria VA, Bethesda MD, and Washington DC:

Trained & Seasoned Staff

Modern Tools & Equipment

Proactive Approach

We Put Clients’ Safety & Wellbeing First, All Else Comes Second

Market-Leading Response Time

Our Quick Process of Fire Restoration

We take extra care every step of the way to make sure our clients and their property be spared from further damage:


After distress call, 777's team arrives at the destination ASAP


Examination and assessment take place to gauge the scale of work


Immediate board-up and roof tarp up to prevent the structure from collapsing


Removal of any ashes and damage restoration


Complete removal of soot and smoke for max mitigation

Frequently Asked Questions!

In simple terms, fire damage restoration is about restoring a place back to its pre-fire state. There are several steps to it, including minimization of the damage and clean up.

In the case of a small fire, the average cost for fire damage restoration can be around $3,000 to $5,000, according to

Depending on the space and extent of damage, fire and smoke damage restoration can take from several hours to days and over a week.